Returning to a Bookshop After Over a Year

The slight hiatus in posts is due to our first holiday since the pandemic. We haven’t ventured far – the three-year-old doesn’t remember shops so we wanted to start simple – only to our old home town of Cambridge, MA. And we decided on a trip to Concord. It’s a town I really like, and of course includes the wonderful Concord Bookshop. which became the first bookshop I have set foot inside since the pandemic. I’ve bought a lot of books in the last year (many reviewed here!), but haven’t been in a shop to browse.

It was the smell I noticed first – breathing in the smell of paper and ink and wooden bookshelves. I didn’t get to browse for myself – that’s not what a family holiday is for at these ages! But we came away with a little haul, and a chat with the staff, and some new bookmarks and a sheet of Dragon Masters stickers and the feeling that small parts of life were returning to normal.

I’m looking forward to reading – and reviewing – the newest members of our collection. My son has immersed himself in the DK Smithsonian Timelines of Everything, so is now equipped with Timelines of Everyone. Our World Out of Balance by Andrea Minoglio and Laura Fanelli looks packed full of information and useful ideas about climate change and what we can do. I’m still hoping to engage my son with poetry, but I will enjoy Poetry for Kids: Emily Dickinson (ed. Susan Snively, illus. Christine Davenier) even if they don’t, just yet. And I’m excited to try The Wild Book by Juan Villoro, transl. by Lawrence Schimel which was a serendipitous discovery. I’ll let you know how we get on!

Now, to visit the Harvard Bookstore and Porter Square Books

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