Guest Contributors

Joseph Mensah

Joseph is a quirky, 30-something year old father who is relatively new to the parenting frontier. He grew up in Northern California and loves all things beach and sun. In between dirty diaper changes (not of his own making), he reads children’s books and the occasional work email to his little one, Noah.

Sunil Amrith

Sunil is an avid reader of stories to his two children. By day, he is a professor of Asian history. Sunil grew up in Singapore, and is always on the lookout for new children’s books from India and Southeast Asia. Full disclosure: he is also married to the author of this blog!

Victoria Shaskan

Victoria is an American mother of two living in London. Her taste in children’s literature veers towards the sentimental, compared to her children’s, which veers towards the macabre. When she’s not writing grant applications and strategic plans, she enjoys scribbling in her journal and occasionally sharing it.