Book Review: We’re Riding on a Caravan

We’re Riding On A Caravan: An Adventure on the Silk Road by Laurie Krebs, illustrated by Helen Cann, published by Barefoot Books, Cambridge, MA, 2005.

This book comes from one of my favourite publishers, Barefoot Books. It’s a gorgeously illustrated narrative poem about a family’s year-long journey on the old Silk Road. There’s a strong rhythm and a chorus that has inspired its own tune in our household. The cities pass, the seasons change, the landscape shifts as they travel from Xi’an to Kashgar to trade bolts of silk at the market. The story is energetic and evocative and the bonus material at the back – a map of the route, a short Story of Silk, the History of the Silk Road and notes on the places along the Chinese Silk Road give some history, some geography, and a desire to travel and see these places for ourselves.

‘Daddy, will you take me to China?’

‘Yes, darling, when coronavirus is over.’

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